Agriculture: Maize and Soybean value chain development in Kamonyi District.
Maize and Soybean value chain development in Kamonyi 200-2015
TROCAIRE and DUHAMIC-ADRI have established partnership in the context of food security in Kamonyi district through the development of value chain approach in soybean and maize crops during the period from 2000 to 2015. They have decided to capitalize their experience through the production of a film in order to share with other partners the impact of this intervention especially the approaches used and lessons learnt during the process of their contribution to rural development.
This documentary film covers some of the achievements from the program of support of small holder farmers in Kamonyi District especially those gathered in IMPUYABO an umbrella of six (6) cooperative members based in Musambira Sector, Southern province of Rwanda.
DUHAMIC-ADRI would like to thank all those who contributed to the achievement of this goal especially members of cooperative for their testimonies, TROCAIRE, all partners and government representatives at National and local level.
Umushinga PPMDA w’umuryango DUHAMIC ADRI ugamije guteza imbe Kigoma maraba le 22 dec 2016
Cette vidéo illustre les activités réalisées dans le cadre du projet PPMDA financé par Frères des Hommes /AFD et exécuté par DUHAMIC ADRI et ADENYA dans les districts de Nyaruguru et Huye au Rwanda.
Ainsi Le projet PPMDA a fait preuve de grande efficacité et son impact est réel à travers plusieurs actions et approches initiées notamment :
1. De la promotion des jardins potagers et fruitiers
2. Du peuplement du cheptel
3. De la contribution à la diminution de la malnutrition
4. De l’autonomisation des paysans
5. De la gestion des caisses communes des groupements
6. Des approches pertinentes du projet
7. Complémentarité des appuis à l’agriculture et à l’élevage
8. Renforcement des capacités des paysans
9. Concertations et collaboration de différents acteurs

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