DUHAMIC ADRI Value Chains using Gender Action Learning System (GALS) appraoch.
GALS achievements 2011-2014
Funded by IFAD and Oxfam Novib, DUHAMIC-ADRI implemented GENVAD project through GALS methodology. The entry point was the cooperatives involved in different value chains which are TUZAMURANE CYEZA IN value chain of Soybean-maize, COOPERIMU in value chain of rice and COPRABU in value chain of pineapple. The objective of GALS methodology was
• Developing action learning skills of vulnerable women and men in VCs to implement strategies for improving livelihoods, gender equality and negotiation power
• Promote collaboration and respect between value chain actors for gender equitable win-win value chain upgrading
• Engage skills, energies and resources of powerful actors to support pro-poor wealth creation in vulnerable groups
• Develop sustainable skills and structures for livelihood and change planning, communication and collaboration between stakeholders
The video shows the progress of the cooperatives members in value chains of soybean and maize in economic, gender relations and changes in collaboration with different stakeholders of those value chains since 2011-2014.
Duhamic adri et Accord Rwanda filière agricole et forum sociaux endogène (version Française)
Il s’agit d’une vidéo montrant les activités réalisées par DUHAMIC-ADRI et ACORD Rwanda sous le financement d’OXFAM NOVIB, dans le cadre de l’appui aux Filières agricoles et aux Forums sociaux endogènes.

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